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new stock added monthly & keep an eye out for the launch of our range of really (really) b

We're into pre-loved house plants

We're into the old aesthetics and friendship of plants; 

Of styling old world urban jungles into modern environments

We are really into the personality of plants,

& we cannot wait for you to meet them all! 

To get the convo, here are some of our favourite topics - 

Call, Email, Catch Us on Socials, Send a Pigeon... 

We are VERY chatty, 

🪴Looking to sell or give your plant/s up for adoption

🪴Looking for us to foster & rehab your plant baby 

🪴Chat to our (self proclaimed) plant doctor 

🪴Urban jungle &/ potted plant design & styling

🪴Really (really) big house plants 

Just to chat…?  

& don't forget to SIGN UP to our plant gang👇🏽 - we promise to only spam you with plant stuff. 

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