A majestic angel, this plant never fails to impress.
With very little attention, he keeps on growing (he loves propagation season), and his leaves are always waxy, shiny and on show.
He doesn't need much light, but he will thank you for a brighter spot – but, NO direct light please.
He does with a good watering a week, but he will let you know with a leaf droop if he wants a drink, but try not let it get to that. 


*keep an eye out for the launch of our baby plant range, when some of gabriel's propagated progeny will be on sale 😆🤫

Begonia Minor - Minor Begonia

  • AKA: Gabriel 😇
    Age: 5 years young
    Pot Size: 15cm black nursery pot
    Pot Options: Take the option of his glass pot & decorative metal stand.
    Care: Relatively Easy