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There is a lot to consider when styling plants in your home - is your indirect lighting up to plant code, how much time do you have to feed, repot, check for pests, water, and do you have a constant supply of unicorn tears to do so? 🤣


We are here to make it all a whole bunch easier. 


We asses your space and decorate it with plants that will look and live their best lives within your lifestyle. We have an encyclopaedia

(or Google machine) of knowledge of different types of indoor plants. With this knowledge on hand, we get to know you and see how much space, light, humidity, and style we will be working with. 


Whether you are in a new home starting from scratch, or need guidance for a space that already has plants but maybe not the right ones - maybe you need some plant maintenance, or some emergency plant rescuing. 

We work with anyone from apartment dwellers to office managers, restaurateurs, home staging companies and an array of bespoke events. 

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Thank you for joining our green-love, pre-loved tribe🤟

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